Updates and a Record of Our Church Fire
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The entries were made as a running commentary as events took place.

March 9: Fire Strikes Church The day of the fire and the events that followed

May 12: Rebuilding Begins removing the fire damaged portions of the building
May 18: Out With the Old A work-day to remove things we hoped to recover
May 29: On With the New The roof was mady ready for the new shingles

June 12: Getting Wired Up A new electrical system: ready for greater demands
June 24: The Roof is Done new roof completed! electrical work nears completion
June 30: A/C Installation Ducting for the new A/C and heating system

July 8: Still moving ahead The A/C and heating compressors installed
July 16: Planning Continues Planning and organizing are keeping us very busy

August 5: Ready to Move Ahead After this next inspection things will move quickly August 14: Walls & Windows Walls and windows are going in!
August 20: Preparing for Paint Walls prepared for finishing
August 25: Stucco & More The stucco areas are filled in
August 26: More on the way Many things remain to be done

September 3: The next phase A cascade of many things coming together
September 8: Interior comes together doors, bead-board, cabinets
September 11: Paint and Floors paint, carpet and vinyl tiles
September 16: Many Details little things - big work
September 24: Power Again! Power and interior decorating
September 29: Another Step Forward Chairs, phones, landscaping and more

October 6: Details, Deliveries, Delays the details are demanding
October 8: Fine Tuning Now: bringing it all together
October 15: Outside Takes Shape A new shed, plants and trees
October 23: A Slow Leap Ahead Approved ... but more work to be done
October 29: Power Officially Restored on with the next step ...
November 6: Church Office re-Opens We're back in business on site
November 12: A Week of final touches bringing the project to an end
November 17: Ready to go ... Sunday: returning to our restored building!

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