August 5: Ready to Move Ahead

We have had a few more delays as we wait for more inspections to clear. Once this is out of the way things will begin to move ahead very quickly. New windows have been delivered for the entire building. They will provide better heat and sound insulation and will be easier to keep clean. One set has been installed in the kitchen (as you can see in the picture). The new telephone service wires were installed in the Pastor's Study and Church Office on Wednesday and the insulation along the north wall of the sanctuary has been put in place.

The dry wall has been delivered and will be put up as the next step. During this time the rest of the windows will be installed, new entry doors will be hung, and the old wall a/c units will be removed and the openings closed.

Looking from the Pastor's study through the church office to the west class room. You can see the new electrical outlets and framing for the new walls.

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