August 20: Preparing for the Paint

Window sills were being installed on Friday. The wires coming out of the wall below the window near the corner are for our new sound system.

Bare dry wall now encloses the interior rooms and ceilings.

The first part of our sanctuary seating order is scheduled to be delivered at the end of next week. Cabinets are being constructed off site which are also set to be installed next week. A plumber is replacing the incoming water line which we knew before the fire was in need of repair.

Stucco has been applied around the new windows, and the ceiling of the porch was made ready for stucco. Other modifications of the porch area are being planned for the next phase of our re-construction project.

A frame for a new larger and higher platform for the front of the sanctuary is being constructed.

After the restoration phase is completed several renovation projects will be done before we are ready to begin using the building for our regular worship and ministries.

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