September 16: Little Things -- Big Work

Many little things are coming together making it a big job throughout every day. The freshly carpeted and painted rooms are beginning to take shape. The trim work is nearly completed, doors are freshly stained and ready to be hung, cabinets are being put in place, and some furniture is ordered and should be delivered within the next few of weeks.
The picture to the right shows the south wall and work counter for our church office. This is where bulletin work will be done and where our copy machine will be placed. The room will also be used for meetings, as a Sunday School room, and as the place where our deacons will administer their Sunday duties.

Electrical work is almost finished. This includes new ceiling fans, light fixtures, additional wall outlets, emergency lights, exit signs and fire detectors. As soon as this is completed we can get our final inspection to have the electrical power turned back on.

New beams are being constructed for the sanctuary ceiling. They will look like the old ones except they will be newly constructed and stained. The look of our Sanctuary will be quite different though. There are changes in the carpeting, seating, walls and sound system. We also had a more elevated platform installed.

Meanwhile outside we have some landscaping being done. The old grass is being torn out on the West and north sides of the building and replaced with new sod. The present shrubs will also come out and be replaced with professionally designed gardens.
The dead oak has been removed along with some unwanted trees around the building. The 110th Avenue boundary will be thinned out for greater visibility of our church to traffic going to and from US-19.

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