September 24: Power Again!

Our electrical work has been approved by the county inspector. As soon as Florida Progress is able to come out to put our meter in we will have regular electrical power restored to our building. This will enable us to get our phones, internet and irrigation systems installed.

A new set of shelves has been constructed and installed in the Pastor's study. They are a real piece of craftsmanship and provide ample space for books and file storage in the cabinets in the cradenza part. They have been stained to match the pulpit furniture and the beams in the sanctuary.

Our kitchen is being completely redesigned. New cabinets are nearing completion. By next week the splash tiles will be grouted and trimmed, and our new refrigerator and range will be put into place. With fresh paint and vinyl flooring the color scheme should make it a great work place for preparing our snacks and serving food for our church dinners.

A new drinking fountain has been delivered for the fellowship area and new furnishings for our class rooms are on order.

Newly crafted beams set off our new sanctuary. We are still waiting for delivery of our new seats. As soon as they arrive we will put the pulpit furniture and piano in place and install our new sound system.

Below you can see how the landscaping is transforming our exterior appearance. As people drive by on 110th Avenue they will be able to have a good view of our church building. We are having new gardens put in. A new sign and fence are being designed. White columns will replace the iron porch supports, and new exterior doors will give the entry a new look.

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