May: Rebuilding Fire-damaged Church

It has taken a long time to organize the work of restoring the losses from our fire. During the months of March and April we had to wait for engineering reports, the submission of plans and approval by the county for all the structural repairs that need to be done. Building codes have changed a lot since our building was constructed in the early 1960s.

As things are now (this was written on May 12th) the debris from the fire has been cleared away and they have removed the damaged roof preparing to replace the effected trusses along the center portion of the building.

The pulpit and related furnishings have been refinished and are being held in a warehouse. Our piano has also been restored and is ready for use when the building is finished. We have ordered new tile for the repaired roof and will be selecting carpeting, paint, dry-wall, doors, seating, office furniture, office equipment, educational supplies, hymnals and many other items.

Below are some pictures showing the work as it was at this writing:

The center roof has been removed exposing the trusses that need to be replaced. Stacked on the foreground are the new trusses.

Looking from the main entry in the fellowship hall toward the entry to the sanctuary and our primary age classroom, the open ceiling and bare walls show preparations for the placing of the new roof.

Looking toward the back of the sanctuary this picture shows the walls without the wood paneling, the bare floor and the open ceiling. Some of the damaged chairs are stacked in the back awaiting removal. The structures on the far left are the ducting for the heating and air conditioning which will be re-wrapped and put back in place above the ceiling after the new roof is in place.

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