September 29: Another Step Forward

Our new kitchen cabinets are now finished giving us a better area for preparing our after worship refreshments and fellowship dinners. We're still waiting for Pinellas County and Florida Progress to get our power restored for regular use. The inspection was approved and the work is finished, but the paperwork still has to go through the system. The recent storms have understandably stressed an already busy system. We just have to be patient.

The first shipment of our new chairs arrived on Wednesday. As you can see from the picture they are wider than the old ones and have much better cushioning. The new colors blend well with our new carpeting. The chairs have racks underneath for hymnals, visitor card pockets sewn into the backs, and communion cup holders (which we still have to find out how to attach).

We have new phones which are now operational, though we can't use them fully until the power is back on. Outside the new landscaping is progressing. A sprinkler system is being installed for the gardens and lawn. When power is back we will be able to use the automatic system to irrigate so that we can have the grass and plants put in.

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