October 6: Details, Deliveries, Delays

It's not much of an office yet, but with a computer on batteries a phone crudely wired into the line recently installed, some of the very nice sanctuary chairs and one of our new folding tables, we are able to conduct some of our church business on-site while deliveries are being made, and detailed repairs are under-way. Without power it's a little warm and it gets noisy at times with the work being done. But we are thankful to have a place to oversee things.
We are still trying to get the county to sign off on finished jobs. They are very particular about the legibility of signatures and the clarity of engineering seals. Once all this paper work is completed we can start moving in.

We have recently received new tables and chairs for our children's Sunday School rooms, and new folding tables to replace the old and very damaged particle board ones we used for fellowship suppers. More things are still on order
The interior finishing details have required some reworking to correct a few problems but we are going through a check list which is getting shorter each week. Our goal is still to return to our building for worship on October 31st. Unfortunately this depends upon things over which we have little control. Keep praying for God's direction and provision as we move forward.

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