October 8: Fine Tuning

The kitchen finally has its major appliances in place. The new refrigerator and stove should make our snack and supper times much easier. A new cabinet has also been designed for the small class room between the kitchen and the Pastor's study. The counter and frame work were installed today (Friday).
On the outside our irrigation system was finally finished. As soon as we get our certificate to get the power back on the new sod and garden plants will be put in. The power is needed to run the sprinkler system. The facia on the front and back of the building which had been damaged by the winds of Hurricane Jean was replaced today also.

Another inspection had been called and was completed today. Now, as far as we know, we only have to wait for all the reports and paperwork to be approved so that our re-occupancy can be granted.

The piano and refinished pulpit furnishings look as good as new and are now back in our sanctuary. Things look a little plain just set in place without all that goes with them. But we're working on all that too. Due to equipment limitations, there was some work on the carpeted platform that hadn't been finished since the flooring was put down. Today that final work was completed.

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