October 15: Outside Takes Shape

New shrubs and some trees were put in place this week as our landscaping project started to take shape. Our reclaimed water irrigation system is ready to use as soon as we have our power back to operate the timer. We had a new shed installed but is yet to be painted to match the church building.

We received our order of new folding chairs, but some shipments are still delayed. Dozens of small details were completed on the interior structure and furnishings which are hardly worth reporting here, but were all very important in getting things ready for or final inspection which we expect to be completed next week. One thing that's holding us up is the replacement of one of the window units which was broken in shipping. Until this is delivered and installed our inspection will not be approved and our electrical service, which was approved a few weeks ago, will not be turned on.
The officers are working on Saturday to move things out of the old shed and the PODs. Some will go into the new shed and others into the church building.

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