October 23: A Slow Leap Ahead

We had some very good news this week. We finally passed the major inspection that will permit our electricity to be turned back on and for us to occupy and use the building again! However, we still have to wait for paperwork to clear and the power company to actually come out and turn the power on. We trust that this will happen in the week ahead. Once this is completed we will be able to have our new air/heat system adjusted and fire alarms tested. It will also enable us to have lights on in the building, to work on our sound system, to get the computer network hooked up to the internet, to get our new phone system working, and to set the outside irrigation system on automatic operations.

Late Friday afternoon the Pastor, alone in his crude office on the construction site, received a call that the final shipment of our sanctuary chairs (the ones with arms) was on its way and would arrive in one hour. The problem was that the driver of the truck expected a crew to unload the shipment of 60 packaged chairs! We thank those who responded within minutes on a Friday night to help with this emergency project. We also have received several pieces of furniture for our nursery and class rooms. Right now we have stacks of things to be assembled and put into place. Outside, sod is being put in around the building, a new fence and sign is being ordered, and other matters are being organized to improve our presentation to the community.

Sadly we also found that some of the work being done had damaged things already in place and assumed to be ready for use. The cascade of repairs and projects not yet completed have caused us to have to delay our first day to worship in the restored facility all the way into November. We are fairly confident that our new target date of November 21st will not have to be changed. On that day, the Sunday before Thanksgiving Day, we plan our first worship back in our building. Pray with us that this will take place as planned.

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