October 29: Power Officially Restored!

One of the most welcome additions to our church buliding since the fire closed us down was delivered on Wednesday this week. It was the power meter allowing us to have regular electricity in the building as we complete our restoration work.
Next we are scheduling set up of our air/heat system and the testing of our smoke detectors. An internet connection will be put in on Monday afternoon enabling us to get our computer network in operation. We are now also able to get our sound system working, automatic phones operating and our new landscaping watered by the irrigation system that was recently installed.

Now that we are technically finished with the restoration phase of this project, we have entered the next part which includes some renovations and the work of moving back in.
There are several improvements underway for the porch along the north side of the building (the parking lot side). We are having the spaces under the windows filled in, the cement painted, and white columns installed to replace the old rusty iron-work supports. We also plan to replace both sets of double entry doors leading into the church from the porch side.

Some repairs need to be made to damage that was done to our carpeting and structure by workers. This has delayed actual setting up of our sanctuary, office and class rooms. If all goes as planned this work will be done during the week ahead.
We have several pieces of furniture to be assembled and put into place. Outside we are working on getting a new fence, sign, and play-ground put in as soon as we can. Our deacons have been putting in a lot of time and effort to get all these orders placed and delivered in as timely a manner as possible.
We are still targeting November 21st for our return to worship back in our building. Keep praying that this will take place as planned.

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