November 6: Office Re-opens

It looks like just a little piece of electronic equipment but this is a powerful addition to our church office. This week we had a broad-band internet connection with a wireless router installed which will enable the pastor to use the web resources which are now available for research and study. Not only will he be able to tap these rich libraries of Bible resources, he will also be able to more effectively maintain our web ministries while in his study. When our copy machine is delievered it will be connected to the network so that bulletins and printing can be done with greater efficiency.

Class rooms are being set up as furniture is assembled and adjusted. One of the challenges we face in the week ahead is to get the Nursery furnishings put together and in place.
We are still working with various sub-contractors to get our new heating and air system configured, the cabinets completed, new entry doors installed, columns set up to replace the old iron work along the porch on the parking lot side of the church, and a few problems solved with things being not the way we expected them to be.

We are still working on finding the best way to configure our sanctuary for our nice new seats, improved sound system, and enlarged platform.
Outside we are arranging to have a new fence and gate installed, a new church sign made and an improved play area constructed for our children. These items may be among the things not quite finished by our target date of November 21st when we resume worship in our restored facility, but when completed they will greatly enhance our ministries. Keep praying as these very time demanding issues and pages of others are coordinated.

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