May 18th: Out With the Old

Saturday morning, May 15th, beginning at 8:30am, we moved the remaining important contents of the church building into PODs for storage. This will make work easier as structural and interior repairs are being made. It will also make it easier for us to go through damaged files to select what can be copied, and to clean up some of the damaged furniture we would like to use again.

We were not able to dispose of all the damaged things inside the church due to a very full dumpster. We did our best (as the picture shows) but had to stack the remaining items inside for disposal later. Our construction company said they will take care of these other items for us. We finished our Saturday work by lunch time.

Roofing boards are being cut and put into place to cover the new trusses. One of the problems being faced is to integrate the engineer's recommendations with the wider existing boards from the undamaged part of the previous roof on the east and west ends. We hope to have the boards in place this week and the roof covered to protect from any further rain. The minor damage done by rain over the weekend is not going to effect anything we plan to use in the reconstructed building. Our contractor is taking care of the water that accumulated inside.

The image below shows some of the fire damage to the removed trusses. Aside from the obvious charred wood, the metal plates that hold the trusses together were weakened by the heat. This is why some of the removed trusses may not look damaged but are useless due to this heat damage.

One of the PODs was set up as a work place where some items damaged by smoke can be worked on. Pastor Burridge will be going through some of his damaged files (ones not totally burned) to see if any can be restored by making copies of the burnt or smoke damaged pages. It's not much of an office but it will be a very helpful staging area when we move into the final stages of getting the building ready for handling our ministries again.

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