July 16: Planning Continues

Not much has visibly changed this week at the church building. But this certainly doesn't mean that little has been done. It's been a week of planning and researching the next stages of our work. Among the things we have finalized is the replacement of all the windows in the church with new single-hung windows. Some of the old ones were damaged by the fire and the fire-fighters (which was unavoidable). Many of the old crank mechanisms were no longer working and we were having some insulation problems around most of the old windows which would increase our climate control costs in the summer and winter.

Though office space at home is a little crowded we've made it into an efficient work area for coordinating all that's going on. Among the things worked on daily here are: the legalities involved in the sale of an unused portion of our church property, the fire-reconstruction work, the planning and purchasing of all the furnishings and equipment that is being replaced inside the church building, weekly sermon preparations, bulletin production, the regular daily work of shepherding our people, Presbytery work (I am serving as moderator this year as we divide this summer into two presbyteries and re-organize all our rules of operation), and of course all that's involved in keeping church operations going. Please keep us in your prayers.

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